Casa Camper Privacy Policy  

At Casa Camper, we believe, defend and promote the privacy of our customers, suppliers and friends. For this reason, we are committed to transparency in our policies and actions regarding personal data. We therefore invite you to read our privacy policy and to suggest the improvements that you consider convenient for the best defence of your rights.  

Identity of the data controller  

CASA CAMPER, S.L.U. (hereinafter  Casa Camper)  Address for notification purposes: C/ Cuartel 91, 07300 Inca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain  Tax ID Number (CIF): B57107187    

Commercial Register of Palma de Mallorca: Page PM-39617 Volume 1867 Folio 121  


You can send your questions about Personal Data Protection to the following email address:

Depending on the country where the hotel where you are going to stay is located, the co-data controller may be a company linked to Casa Camper, but in any case, always in co-responsibility with Casa Camper. These companies will only be responsible for the data strictly necessary to offer you the accommodation service and services related to your stay in our establishments. Each co-controller, company will be clearly identified and you will be able to contact any of them.  

Purpose of the processing  

At Casa Camper we collect personal data for different purposes. First of all, to manage your booking and offer you the accommodation service in our hotels, but also to make your stay as comfortable and complete as you wish through additional services that you can request from us: relax with a massage or enjoy some time alone with your partner through the baby sitter service; rent a bicycle to explore the city at your leisure, book a show, tickets to a museum or tourist attraction for you; arrange transfers to or from the airport or train station; to rent a car; hire a sightseeing tour or book a reservation for you in our restaurant. Likewise, we will process your data for satisfaction surveys and to inform you of news, promotions, discounts or corporate information that may be of interest to you, all aimed at making your experience with us as pleasant as possible and make you want to repeat. But we also use your data to answer your queries or, in the unlikely event that you want to make a complaint, to listen to you and give you the best possible solution. We invite you to read this Privacy Policy where you will find detailed each of the purposes.  


At Casa Camper, we may use your data for different reasons: the main one is to execute the agreement for the provision of accommodation services that is formalised when you make a booking. In other cases, due to a legal obligation: for the issuance of invoices, taxes, tourist taxes, or other requirements of the public authorities. And in others, either because of the legitimate interest in you having a pleasant stay or for us to answer your questions or queries or, additionally, because you have given us your express consent for, among other purposes, to assist you in the supplementary services described in the previous section and to keep you abreast of news, promotions and discounts through our newsletter or any other means of communication.    

Do we share your data?  

At Casa Camper, we only share your personal data with those companies we need to manage your stay such as travel agencies, online hotel booking platforms, banks or other payment platforms, courier companies or travel companies. But we also need to share them with those companies that provide us with supplementary services for managing the commercial relationship with you, for example, transportation companies, car rental companies, tour operators and tour guides, massage services or childcare, as well as digital communications services companies, or with other companies linked to Casa Camper that are necessary to manage your questions, answer your queries or book one of our hotels in another city. What we do not, and will not do is sell or trade your personal data, nor do we transfer it without your full knowledge and consent. Only your data may be transferred to partners who host websites and to third parties who assist us in the design and use of the website, the performance of the services or the analysis of the data collected, who are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and sufficient technical measures to ensure it. Please note that some of these providers may be outside the EEA (European Economic Area). In these cases, we will inform you that if we will transfer your data with all the guarantees and security. To this end, we ensure that the level of legal protection in the destination countries is adequate and accepted by the European authorities. Likewise, when the situation so requires, the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission are applied.  

Other than in these cases, we will only disclose your information when we are required to do so by law or by judicial or administrative authorities.  

Confidentiality and duty of secrecy with respect to the processing of your data  

We demand the same confidentiality from the third-party companies involved as we demand from ourselves at Casa Camper from the people who are involved in the processing of your personal data. Any employee of Casa Camper will observe at all times the secrecy of personal data known to them in the development of our activity. The Duty of Secrecy is an obligation for us, from our customer service staff to the members of the management and governing bodies and both the persons hired under Labour Law, and the professionals who provide services hired under Commercial Law. It also implies an obligation for suppliers of goods and services and their employees, processors and their employees and those whom the processor subcontracts and their employees. The obligation of secrecy persists after the termination of the employment or business relationship established with Casa Camper, as well as after the expiration of employment contracts, commercial agreements, etc., linking employees and/or professionals with the Data Processor and suppliers who provide goods or services to us or our guests.  

Data security  

In its work centres and establishments, Casa Camper has implemented systems, communications infrastructures, etc., with the security measures required by the Personal Data Protection regulations. It has also taken logical, physical, organisational, contractual and other measures to prevent unauthorised access to, destruction, modification, reproduction, disclosure, transmission or reuse of the data by third parties.  

However, whenever you provide personal information on the internet, there is a risk that third parties, over whom we have no control, may intercept and use this information. Although Casa Camper strives to protect personal information and your privacy, we cannot guarantee the complete security of any information you disclose online at your own risk.  

We also ask you to take responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided for the proper functioning of our relationship. If you provide us with any personal information that is not yours, for example, the details of your companions on the stay, or of minors in your care or the details of the person to whom you want to give a gift using our Gift Voucher, you must inform them of this and take responsibility for the accuracy of these details and that you have the legitimacy to use them on their behalf.  

Data of minors  

Casa Camper must inform you that we will not be able to attend a booking made by a minor without the express consent of their parents or guardians. If the minor is staying at our hotel because they are accompanied by parents or guardians or has their express consent, they should be aware that they may not be able to hire certain additional services by themselves: car rental, massage services, or other services that by law require the age of majority.  

At Casa Camper, we would like to make parents and legal guardians aware that it is possible that their minor children may visit our website. We therefore ask them to indicate that, in the event that any website asks them for any information and/or data of any kind, they should first ask for their authorisation.  

As we are concerned about the safety of minors, when they try to submit their registration, their registration will be rejected and we will inform them that we do not accept registrations from minors. We therefore advise parents and guardians of children to regularly check and monitor their children’s use of email and other online activities.  

Health data  

In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we may need some health information, for example, if you have reduced mobility and need a room adapted to your needs. We may also ask you for information regarding allergies or food intolerances in order to adapt our menu. In all these cases, we will process your data with the highest guarantees of confidentiality, only specifying the essential data and always requesting your express consent.  

We respect your rights  

The current regulations on Personal Data Protection offer you a range of rights that you can exercise whenever you deem it appropriate. You have the right to access your personal data; to rectify it if it is outdated or incorrect; to oppose certain processing; to limit or delete it if you no longer want us to process it; or to transfer it if technically possible. Finally, you have the possibility to revoke your consent. You should be aware that there may be legal obligations that temporarily prevent us from complying with your requests, of which we will inform you if this should be the case.  

To exercise your rights you may write to:  

C/ Cuartel 91, 07300 Inca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.  
Or by email:  

Likewise, you can always go to the Administrative Data Protection Authority in your country by clicking on the following link:  

In the case of Spain, it is the Spanish Data Protection Agency (  


At Casa Camper, we offer you various channels for communicating with us: physical (in our establishments) and digital (on our website or any other means of customer service), through which, by providing your details, we can interact with you to offer you the best possible service.  

Below, we detail the means by which you can send us your data, the purposes for which we will process them, the legitimacy of the processing and any other information that may be relevant to you.  


In the event that you have registered at Casa Camper as a user to make a booking, we hereby inform you that Casa Camper will use your data to identify you as such, to keep you registered on our website and to provide you with information about the follow-up of your request, as well as to send you the booking confirmation and the corresponding invoice. We may also use your data for quality surveys or to provide you with information about the services or products you have asked us about. We hereby inform you that the legal basis for the lawfulness in the processing of data for these purposes is the execution of the service agreement or the pre-contractual relationship, as well as your express consent for those data that you provide us and that were not strictly necessary for the execution of the agreement, such as certain personal preferences that you send us and that will improve your stay.  

You can cancel your user account by sending an email to  

Casa Camper will keep your data for the duration of the business or contractual relationship and may keep them once the relationship is terminated due to legal obligations with the corresponding administrative or judicial bodies.  

The personal information you provide to us may be disclosed to credit reference or fraud prevention agencies, who may keep a record of this information or if there are indications of fraud against you or us this processing may have consequences such as blocking the transaction or even termination of your user account. In the same way and for the execution of the agreement, it is possible that we may have to transfer them to banks, payment platforms or necessary auxiliary companies (logistics or transport, for example) as we have informed you before.  

It is possible, however, that we have had access to some of your personal information without your knowledge, such as in cases where you have received a gift through our Gift Voucher. In these cases, you should not worry because we will only use them for that specific purpose. If your experience in our hotel after enjoying the Gift Voucher has been as positive as we hope, you can always register as a user or customer to in the future enjoy the advantages of belonging to the family of customers and followers of Casa Camper.  

Marketing and commercial

shipments  In the event that you have registered for any service to receive our newsletter or any other commercial, promotional or corporate information from Casa Camper, we hereby inform you that we will use the data for the sole purpose of keeping you informed of our activity and so you can benefit from our promotions, discounts, and be the first to know about new products or services. We hereby inform you that we may send you information about any of the establishments that make up Casa Camper, if we consider that this information may be useful to you and provided that it is related to the products or services that we consider to be of interest to you or that you have enjoyed during your stay.  

Casa Camper is part of the CAMPER family ( and it is possible that a stay in a Casa Camper hotel may be raffled in a CAMPER promotion and in order to participate in this raffle you must sign up to our newsletter and/or social networks. This means that we will have access to your data for commercial mailings legitimised by your express consent.  

Normally we will send you this information by email to the email address you have provided us, but it could also be sent by SMS or any other analogous communication system (WhatsApp, Telegram, or social networks) offering you, at all times, the possibility to unsubscribe from these mailings in an easy and fast way.  

It is important that you know that this data processing, based on your browsing experience on our websites when you access a product or service in which you have shown interest, or based on your purchase history, may involve an analysis of your profile as a user that will allow us to know your preferences and tastes in order to offer you information that is useful and interesting to you, thereby improving our relationship with you.  

We hereby inform you that the legal basis for the lawfulness in the processing of data for this purpose is the express consent given in the event that you have registered for our newsletter or the legitimate interest of Casa Camper for understanding that it is beneficial for you to be informed of our activity, news, promotions and discounts in the event that you are already a customer of any of our hotels. We hereby inform you that we will keep your data as long as you do not tell us otherwise.  

Contact and customer service.  

It is possible that you have contacted us through the Contact Form on the website or through the customer service in its different modalities: telephone assistance, virtual chat, or other means such as WhatsApp or social networks. The personal data you provide will be used to resolve the query raised. If the query is related to a booking you have made, you should be aware that we may ask you for additional personal information to ensure your full identification, such as your booking number, passport or ID card, or your arrival flight details. In all these cases, Casa Camper has the legitimacy to process your data by the express consent provided in the form itself or, where appropriate, in the adoption of pre-contractual or contractual measures. The data will not be disclosed to third parties, except to other companies that need to have them to offer our supplementary services such as transfers from the airport or train station or in the event that such communication is required to resolve your query. In addition, we hereby inform you that the personal data will remain in the files of Casa Camper for the time required to fulfil your request or, where appropriate, for a maximum of one year. We will always offer you the possibility to cancel your data easily.  

Casa Camper club  

If you have registered in our Casa Camper Club, you will know that by belonging to our group of friends and sympathisers, you have the possibility of having prior access to our news, promotions, offers, service launches and possibilities of advance bookings through the sending of communications by digital means. The data you have provided us with your express consent will be used for this purpose until you withdraw your consent. Via this link, you can access the conditions for registering and staying in the Club.  

Data relating to contact persons of customers or suppliers, legal entities and self-employed persons  

In the event that you have provided your data as a contact person of a customer or supplier company or as an individual entrepreneur, either as a customer or as a supplier of any company that is part of Casa Camper, we hereby inform you that we will use the data exclusively for the maintenance of the contractual or pre-contractual relationship and we will not transfer them to third parties, except to ß companies and only in the event that the service requires such communication and exclusively for that purpose. The data provided will be kept for as long as the contractual relationship is maintained or for the years necessary to comply with legal obligations. In addition, we hereby inform you that as a customer or supplier we may send you commercial or corporate information by the means you have provided us with, including email, based on the legitimate interest regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation. We also inform you that you can object to the processing of your data for the sending of information of interest by clicking on the link for that purpose in any of the mailings you receive or by sending an email to  

Data relating to job applicants  

In the event that you have contacted us for a job opportunity through the form on this website, or by any other type of sending (email), we hereby inform you that, in accordance with the provisions of data protection legislation, the personal data provided will be processed by Casa Camper to manage your application in current or future selection processes under the application of pre-contractual measures provided for in Art. 6.1.b) of the GDPR as well as in the express consent given when sending your curriculum vitae about other data that are not strictly professional or so that we can transfer them to other companies or hotels of Casa Camper where your professional profile could be a better fit.  

Your data will be kept as long as you do not revoke the consent given or request the cancellation/deletion thereof or opposition to the processing, in order to be able to notify you in the event that there is a future candidacy that fits your profile and without prejudice to its conservation while the legal obligations that affect Casa Camper persist, who may periodically ask you to review and update the personal data contained in your curriculum vitae. Although you have not requested the cancellation or deletion of your data, we understand that we should not keep them in our possession for more than 24 months. Therefore, after this time, if you want to apply for a job, please send us your updated CV again.  

Sometimes, Casa Camper uses third parties for the selection of staff, so it is possible that we have to provide these companies with your data.


In the event that you have filed a claim for any circumstance to any of the companies that make up Casa Camper, we hereby inform you that we will use the data exclusively to resolve your claim. The legitimate basis for the processing is the contractual relationship formalised with us as well as compliance with current legislation on consumers and users. Casa Camper will not transfer them to third parties, except to supplementary service companies or establishments that may be involved and, solely and exclusively, for that purpose. The data provided will be kept for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations, as long as the subject matter of your claim is not time-barred.  

General terms and conditions  

In case you have made a purchase, you can access our General Terms and Conditions by clicking on the following link:    

Recommendation of websites/pages  

Casa Camper, when recommending or linking to a website/page, considers that it is of interest to the user. Casa Camper has no obligation to monitor the websites/pages it links to or recommends. They have been created by legal entities, individuals or entities without personality that are not related to us. Casa Camper does not intervene in their management, nor does it finance them, nor does it decide on the contents incorporated, nor does it manage or participate in the services that the linked or recommended sites/websites provide. Casa Camper will cancel any link and will refrain from recommending the website/page when it has reliable evidence that it and/or the services it provides are illicit or injure the property or rights of third parties susceptible to compensation. Obviously, we will not entertain any claim based on the content of a recommended or linked website.  

Use of cookies  

Click here  for information about the use of cookies and the possibilities to customise them.  

Also, when you visit our website, we collect data known as “clickstream” data (server address, domain name, etc.). This information combined with the information you have provided allows us to better customise your visits.  

Validity and modification of the privacy policy  

The Privacy Policy established by Casa Camper is in force from the date of its publication on the corresponding website; it has been revised and adapted and the user may file it and/or reproduce it. Casa Camper is entitled to modify its Privacy Policy, adapt it to new rules, regulations or guidelines, informing the user through its website.