Chelsea Turowsky

American chef and artist Chelsea Turowsky currently resides in Berlin but was born in New York, and spent a decade studying poetry in San Francisco. Perhaps this has something to do with the deep influence that nature and bold, fresh flavors have on her cuisine, which she describes as the feeling of being on vacation. Since 2018, her studio in Berlin has offered food and beverage consultancy and catering, and she recently took over our restaurant in Casa Camper Berlin with a unique Omakase-style menu, where the selection is left to the chef, as opposed to ordering à la carte. Paired with wines curated by Material Berlin, this experience proved to be worth a few tastes.

If you're ever in Berlin, Chelsea has compiled a list of unique places worth checking out:

"My intention when I visit a space is to be transported, even for a few hours, to another time, country, color, all in the body of this city. The spaces I love most in Berlin do just that. Here are 3":

1. Sale e Tabacchi
A Berlin institution. I love a place where you can dip in in the middle of the afternoon for a negroni and tiramisu for one, and equally come back with a date or your Oma later in the evening. Sit in the garden to forget where you are. Order the vitello tonnato and eavesdrop on the celebrities at the table beside you.

2. Bar Sway
That locals only vibe without any pretension. Try beautiful natural wines by the glass, an evolving snacks-for-dinner menu. With earthy, inspired decor, a neighborhood bar which actually feels like a neighborhood bar.

3. Flohmarkt am Rathaus Schöneberg
The morning treasures I have found in the boxes of this flohmarkt! Nothing quite transports us like an object from the past. Take your time, arrive early, finish with a Bratwurst.

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