A culinary circus for your senses arrived at Casa Camper with LOBB BERLIN, the first pop-up restaurant by award-winning connoisseur Arash Ghassemi. For two months, guests indulged in a blend of fine dining and innovative cocktails, bringing together the best of the two communities to create an unforgettable experience.

LOBB BERLIN combines the best of Arash's previous pop-ups, from intimate dinners at his home to taking over the Green Door Bar. Supported by a high-caliber culinary team, LOBB offers more than just food—it's about connecting with guests, valuing their feedback, and creating an inviting atmosphere in a unique interior featuring retro design classics and thoughtful details.

LOBB me and... I will LOBB you forever.

These were the menu highlights:

- Arash's legendary oysters with ayran ice snow
- Caesar salad with tahini and bergamot
- Crushed fried potatoes with peanuts, Persian lime, and pickles
- Cacio e pepe with giant white beans and burnt leek
- Fried chicken on coriander fregola and dried ricotta

Cocktail enthusiasts will love creations like the Buttermilk Margarita, Cardamom Espresso Martini, and Baba’s Bubblezzz #4.

The result was an incredibly exciting journey for Casa Camper Berlin, and we want to give special thanks to Arash and his Lobb team for making this experience truly exceptional.

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