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Welcome to Casa Camper

That’s right, in Camper we also do hotels, but with our brand’s personal touch, featuring a unique flair for design and an innovative twist on livability during your stay, both in Barcelona and Berlin.

Underpinning everything we do in our Barcelona and Berlin hotels, is our wish to offer a more simple, respectful and human way to connect you with what’s around us.

Functional design with
a green conscience

Human, respectful,
and simple

Designed to make
guests feel at home

Laid-back Mediterranean

Thoughtful Design

Our Casa Camper hotels feature the unique touch of Spanish designer Fernando Amat and architect Jordi Tió, offering a memorable experience in every stay where simplicity, authenticity and discretion make you feel at home.

We are B Corp

Since the beginning, our ethos has fused functional design with concern for our environment. We prioritise water and energy conservation to help preserve natural resources and recycling is practised throughout the hotel.

In 2022, Casa Camper achieved B Corp certification, forming part of a select group of companies committed to creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

As a certified B Corp, we will continue to implement positive changes, considering the full impact of our services and demonstrating a shared responsibility to others and future generations.

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