Leticia Sala "In Casa" for Sant Jordi

Welcome to Issue #1 of "In Casa", a collaboration with author and poet Leticia Sala. Inside, we celebrate Sant Jordi, Barcelona's festival of love where we give books and roses to those we adore the most.

"In Casa" is a brand-new publication that forms a series of guides by Casa Camper. In each issue, we join forces with local creatives to share what's hot in our barrio, our home. Our very first issue is devoted to our love of literature where we explore Leticia's all-time favourite bookstores around Barcelona, the books that have shaped her life, and her personal take on Sant Jordi. 
Spoiler: you're going to love it.


One of Leticia's top bookstores to discover is La Central del Raval, a cultural hub where she has shared her own literary creations. Other remarkable spots are Finestres Bookstore, or Laie Bookstore, nestled within the iconic CCCB, offering a diverse selection of books and unique treasures.

Here's a taste of Leticia's Literary Gems for gifting, in her own words:

"La Historia de los Vertebrados" by Mar García Puig
A poignant exploration of maternal mental health, blending personal anecdotes with historical insights.

"The Odd Woman and the City" by Vivian Gornick
Reflective and perceptive observations of New York City, evoking laughter and tears.

"Archive" by Sofia Coppola
A captivating behind-the-scenes look at Coppola's creative process, filled with emails, collages, and discarded materials. All of her fears and desires are encapsulated within this art book.

"¿Quién Te Crees Que Eres?" By Alice Munro

A captivating journey through the lives of two women over four decades, with passages that linger in the memory.

"Les Années" by Annie Ernaux

Through the descriptions of photographs, Ernaux seamlessly transitions from the universal to the particular with remarkable agility. The presence of autobiography, sociology, and politics imbues her narrative with both personal and collective dimensions simultaneously.

Happy Sant Jordi—may your day be filled with red roses and new literature.

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