Fizzy Treasures

Nothing elevates a meal as quickly and brings as much umami as fermented foods. Indeed, craving these flavors is in our genes, as they have been part of our diets for thousands of years. On February 24th, we delved into this flavorful universe with Berlin-based chef and fermentor, Olya Elboim. With experience in Michelin-starred restaurants in London and Berlin, she's the visionary behind Fizzy Treasures, the pioneers of fine dining ferments in Germany.

In this workshop held in the intimate atmosphere of our Casa Camper Berlin, we learned how to craft our personalized kimchi using seasonal organic vegetables. We tweaked the taste and spices to our liking and took home a jar of our unique creation—not before indulging ourselves with a tasting of Fizzy Treasures ferments! Now we understand why the Japanese can't do without it.

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