Carolina Spencer

This Chilean florist, based in Barcelona since 2004, is the creative force behind the Matagalán project. With over 15 years of experience in floral art, her work blends the design of custom objects with the organic flow of flowers and plants. The result is the bouquets closer to abstract expression that you can appreciate in Casa Camper Barcelona during this holiday season.


If you find yourself exploring Barcelona, Carolina has curated a list of top recommendations for you:

1. Exploring Montjuïc
There, I always stumble upon new spots or find a quiet place to read near the Teatre Grec. The Mnac is also worth checking out.

2. The labyrinth of Horta

3. Bar Santet
which is next to the Poble Nou Cemetery and the beach, has a super terrace, delicious food, a good atmosphere, and is surrounded by places to explore in the/my neighborhood :)

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