Marina Esmeraldo

During the holiday season, we take joy in collaborating with well-known artists from the local scene. This year, we have invited Marina Esmeraldo, a renowned Brazilian illustrator based in Barcelona, to bring a touch of magic to our Casa. Marina has crafted a unique artwork exclusively for us, offering a captivating perspective on Christmas from a room in our Barcelona hotel.

The illustration depicts the distinctive silhouette of a palm tree, a symbol resonating with her Brazilian roots, which she ingeniously transforms into a Christmas tree, blending holiday tradition with her cultural reminiscences. Then, she has incorporated symbols that hold personal significance for her, creating a visual and festive experience like no other. In addition to designing exclusive postcards for our guests, Marina has also lent her artistic flair to the windows of our hotels in Berlin and Barcelona.

If you find yourself exploring Barcelona, Marina has curated a list of top recommendations for you:

1. Bar Central (Raval):
A charming spot with a delightful patio, perfect for coffee or aperitifs surrounded by books, and just a two-minute walk from Casa Camper.

2. Teatre Grec (Poble Sec/Montjüic):
Great gardens for a quiet stroll next to the bustling Poble Sec. In summer, you can enjoy outdoor shows and magical sunsets and, nearby, you will find the Fundació Joan Miró art museum and the gardens of Laribal.

3. Camping (Poblenou):
Just off the beach, this beach bar is perfect for meeting friends and having a snack. They also do a lot of events and workshops.

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