Berlin Summer Guide by Elliot Beaumont

After a dark, cold winter, a vibrant new life takes over the streets of Berlin. Our second edition of In Casa uncovers the city's experiences and the places you cannot miss during the season—all guided by the local expertise of Elliot Beaumont.

Elliot Beaumont is an illustrator from Sydney that has lived in Berlin for over 10 years. He works predominantly in watercolour, being an analog enthusiast, but has recently been learning how to incorporate animation into his work as well. His interests, in no particular order, are birds, smiling, martinis, painting, and loud music.

Your guide's preview

In the guide, you'll find Elliot's best art, food, culture and nightlife tips for visiting Berlin, but here's a sneak peek at some of them:

1. Gel Gör
An all-day Turkish food spot with outdoor tables, and an institution of the neighborhood. Their 'Tecno Köfte'—halloumi, lamb köfte, herby salad, and sauce on a crusty toasted baguette—is heaven.

2. Neue Nationale Gallerie
A beautiful Mies van der Rohe building, recently renovated downstairs by David Chipperfield. It houses some of the great 20th-century works from around the world.

3. Atonal Festival
Happening usually in August/September every year, Atonal is an experimental music and visual art festival held in an old power station (Kraftwerk Berlin) that once heated Berlin’s homes. One of the most avant-garde festivals in Europe.

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