Casa Camper Philosophy




At Camper we believe that luxury lays in simplicity, discretion, authenticity, healthy life and in understanding aesthetics as culture, as a source of inner satisfaction. Ultimately a simpler, more human and more respectful way to relate to our world.

Consistent with these beliefs, Casa Camper brings Camper spirit and values to the hotel world, creating an innovative concept with a high degree of functionality and friendly aesthetics.

Camper's commitment to the environment is reflected in the water management of Casa Camper. A water recycling system cleans shower and bath water purely biomechanically and produces water which is re-used in the toilet. Water consumption is lowered by up to 50%, contributing towards the conservation of a precious natural resource.

Casa Camper also uses solar energy for water heating, and encourages the use of clean transportation systems such as public transport, walking or our bicycles.

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